Tras los pasos

Following the Steps of Three Generations of Migrants

Web Design & Development.

Writing. Photography. Video.

A Master’s thesis holistic project.

Tras los pasos, a project framed in the practice of digital storytelling, is a narrative in a web environment, which uses multimedia tools: text, sound, photography, video, data visualisation. Its main objective is to explore, through practice, a more open communication designer profile, taking advantage of the technical possibilities of the digital environment. Since digital storytelling is an expanding practice, most of the available examples currently belong to photojournalism; nevertheless, we tried to test these assumptions within the processes of communication design.

My master thesis focused on digital storytelling in non-fictional contexts, such as those related to photojournalist practices. It analyses the new life that such activity could have in the digital environment, as well as the role of the communication designers in its development. I put his research into practice in a digital artifact called Tras los Pasos, narrating the migration processes within the author’s family, using photography and other traditional media applied and elevated through its digital combination.