As Portas que Abril Abriu - University Final Project

Photography. Editorial design.

As Portas que Abril Abriu is the name given to the final project in Graphic Design by Álvaro Trabanco at the Higher School of Art of Asturias, Spain. It is a work of photography, editing and design, in which a book of just over fifty pages was created, as well as a whole graphic system that was applied in bookmarks, posters and flyers. All this was presented in a container created for the occasion, accompanied by the project’s report and CD.


  • Travel writing
  • Portuguese history
  • University project

The book As Portas que Abril Abriu was devised and created from scratch, being a communication project in all its breadth, since both the texts, photographs, sections, rhythm, design, layout and binding, are designed and created for the occasion. It narrates the author’s experience in his new home, the always inspiring city of Lisbon, having left his native Asturias. As a reflection on youth emigration, participation and political and social commitment, an aesthetic and personal vision is developed about Lisbon today and its link with the recent history of Portugal.

For the project, photography is chosen as the main tool of graphic expression, trying to make it an intermediary between the reader and the author, more explicit some times than others. Both color and black and white photographs are worked on, as well as halftone photographs of one of the three colors defined in the visual system.

The author, as a young immigrant, appreciates that the phenomenon of discovering your new home involves learning about its society, its politics and its history. After all, the only way to understand what surrounds you is to see beyond the obvious, to look for the deep reason for the differences with your previous reality. The logical conclusion is to enter that society actively, without deceiving yourself, since the problems that caused you to emigrate are also present in your host country, because there too their sons and daughters cross its borders in search of a better future.