2017. Collective Exhibition in Barjola Museum: Cinco Sentidos

In 2017 I was invited to take part in a big collective exhibition held at the Museum Barjola in Gijón/Xixón, Spain. I presented a photographic work that followed the important project I was creating on the side, Tras los pasos. The topic of the exhibition was, in words of the curators:

Cinco Sentidos: Multigrafías del Cuerpo al Alma is an exhibition that explores the prolific theme of the senses from a contemporary perspective. Through the works and creative imaginaries of twenty-three Asturian artists, a connection is established with the very essence of plastic arts in all its complexity. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are a means and an end, they are a beginning and also the outcome of pieces that make the body and soul vibrate in a chain in which perception, thought, emotion and feeling unfold with all its nuances opening an inexhaustible amount of dialogues

As it could be read in the catalogue:

Tras los pasos is a photographic research and visual journalism project that delves into the migratory roots of three generations of the author’s family. It is a storytelling experience that, on this occasion, is adapted to the exhibition space. Together with two larger works, whose context is unknown, there are blueprints that contain reproductions of the family archive and act as visual sketches and explorations, whose temporal reference is diluted by the use of the technique used. These visual sketches are the background for the two larger photographs, which cannot be separated from the story that made them appear.

And still:

Disciple of José Ferrero, for a few years Álvaro Trabanco (Gijón, 1991) lives in Portugal where he continues his apprenticeship in photography. Visit The study of him was somewhat complicated but his travels to Asturias are common, so in one of them We took the opportunity to meet him. even with many things to do, Álvaro is clear about what he wants, it is a determined, serious and rigorous person who pays attention in everything he does.

Everything in his processes is measured, down to the smallest detail and, your requirement staff makes him achieve results where he himself is the biggest critic of him. Always communicative, his interest for transmitting what captures the objective of him, not only evidence in his way of expressing himself but also in the implicit message contained in his works.